The power of coming together

The Philanthropy Club is a private members' club for a new generation of philanthropists. We inspire, engage and bring together like-minded individuals to drive innovation and effectiveness in philanthropy, and to create bigger impact. Giving together with others provides the training ground and moral support for social entrepreneurs and philanthropists to think innovatively and long term about the bigger problems facing the globe. We believe that together we can achieve much more than any of us can alone.

Our members

Members of The Philanthropy Club are charitable, creative and networked individuals who inspire each other, engage with innovative causes and direct their collective efforts towards resolving the most pressing issues around the globe. 

Our events

The Philanthropy Club expertly curates signature, high-engagement events for our members. Our events are perfect for networking with like-minded people who share a passion for a cause.

Impact through travel

Join like-minded individuals on The Philanthropy Club’s specially curated journeys to Asia, Africa and Latin America and experience first-hand the impact that you make on the ground.

Fundraise for your cause

Achieve more together with others in your network by sharing the causes that you care about through The Philanthropy Club’s dedicated, secure and user-friendly platform for online fundraising. Members of The Philanthropy Club have the opportunity to create unlimited campaign and personal fundraising pages.

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