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The Philanthropy Club membership

Members of The Philanthropy Club are charitable, creative and networked individuals who inspire each other, engage with innovative causes and direct their collective efforts towards resolving some of the most pressing issues around the globe. They extend their invitation to join them on an exceptional event to live and learn what makes their project impactful.

Club Member

Our club members share three core values:

Cause driven – they have a cause close to their hearts which they are knowledgeable about

Connected – they have a network of followers and supporters

Committed – they can demonstrate one year of continuous giving or social impact

We help our members create “exceptional events” based around their overseas projects. These are immersive experiences which they can invite their network to participate in and make an impact.

Member benefits

Club member benefits

  • Expert philanthropy advisory services to support your giving. 
  • Access to a series of exclusive and unique philanthropy events around the world.
  • Access to group or individual philanthropy trips and retreats abroad.
  • Exclusive use of The Philanthropy Club’s online fundraising platform.
  • Opportunity to volunteer your time and skills to help innovative charities and social enterprises.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Access to lifestyle concierge services.
  • An ever increasing number of exclusive partner services.


Please email for information on becoming a member.