The Philanthropy Club is a private members’ club for a new generation of philanthropists in London. Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus, who brought back fire and optimism to humanity once left in darkness and despair, we are in search of the modern-day Prometheus bringing to the world an innovation for change. 

Our members are charitable, creative and connected individuals who come together to drive innovation that brings hope and opportunity, around the globe, to people most in need. They match their skills and resources with impactful endeavours that would not otherwise happen without their philanthropies. We believe we can achieve more together, through effective philanthropy, than we can achieve alone. We support our members in unlocking the potential of the people around them to get involved in a cause close to their hearts and we provide a time and place for members to connect with each other on a meaningful level.

The Philanthropy Club provides a bespoke membership, to support the vision of making the world a better place. Our membership is a giving journey with support every step of the way. We support you to grow your idea, innovation or strategy to make a positive impact.

To become a member please email for information. 

Our signature philanthropy events such as Giving Clinics and Masterclasses are conducted by philanthropy catalyst and Chief executive, Jon Kinnell, based in the City of London. Read more.

The Philanthropy Club Ltd is a charitable organisation registered with Companies House in the U.K as a company limited by guarantee. ( 08137832)