Raised and educated in Australia Jon has built a successful career over the past 15 years encompassing Charities, Social Enterprise, Ethical and Social Financing and Philanthropy.

Working with organisations such as the Charities Aid Foundation, Jon has enjoyed the privilege of supporting some of the most entrepreneurial and passionate individuals, families, companies and their advisors both in the UK and internationally, in understanding the importance of effective philanthropy and innovative ways for clients to support their causes which matter most.

Jon's passion lays in partnerships, knowledge sharing and connectivity. Facilitating and managing sustainable philanthropy programs for his client which achieve long term systemic, social, economic and environmental impact.

With the knowledge and experience from both sides of the giving journey, Jon brings to The Philanthropy Club everything between bespoke one to one workshops and peer to peer learning as a group of philanthropists. Jon hosts Giving Clinics, Philanthropy Masterclasses, group trips to visit overseas social projects and The Philanthropy Club Secret Circles amongst other engaging events. 

Book some time with Jon and discover how The Philanthropy Club membership can benefit your giving. 

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